Our commitment to client satisfaction is second to none. At Vizcaya Valet will develop a service culture that is in alignment with your vision. We drive the service experience and provide value for guests through an incomparable arrival and departure experience.

Guests arriving at our clients’ front doors know to expect a warm welcome and luggage assistance. Each guest’s door is opened by assisting team members as we explain the parking amenities in detail. Departing guests will observe vehicles being delivered swiftly and safely under the direction of our staff.


Our service culture will align with your idea. Vizcaya Valet offers a considerate approach to helping with a patient’s arrival and departure from your medical facility. Patients and guest arriving at our partners’ medical facilities will be greeted with a warm smile, and a sincere welcome to ensure they feel safe and cared for from the moment they pull up to your property until they depart.


Your client’s experience starts the moment they arrive at your establishment. By having a full valet service, you ensure that your guests feel a warm welcome and departure in line with the customer service that surpasses anyone’s expectations.


Our staff offers the first and last impression with residents, prospective residents, and guests. At Vizcaya Valet we work closely with you to customize our services to address your building’s needs thanks to the experience we have gained in condominium parking management.

Special Events

Not only do we provide services for businesses, but also for events of all kinds. All types of parties, Grand openings, Galas, Premiers, anything you can possibly imagine we do it. We take reservations as early as a year and we make sure satisfaction is guaranteed.

Vizcaya Valet offers their clients a full-service insurance, uniforms, valet runners and more!

Getting valet for your parties is an easy process. All it takes is contacting us with the details of your event and we’ll contact you back with a reasonable quote in a flash!

I’ve been working along with the Vizcaya Valet team at Olivia Restaurant & Rooftop. They are true professionals, they care about our guests, they are friendly and efficient. Thank you all for your help and greatness.
Alfredo Montaldo
General Manager of Olivia Restaurant & Rooftop