Valet Parking in Hollywood, FL

standingvaletguyAt Vizcaya Valet, we ensure quality service to establishments and their clients. We provide services for all types of businesses including restaurants, hotels, condominiums, hospitals, clubs, bars… you name it ! We utilize the latest equipment in the industry to make sure our service is efficient and high standard.

Event Parking

Not only do we provide services for businesses, but also for events of all kinds. All types of parties, Grand openings, Galas, Premiers, anything you can possibly imagine we do it. We take reservations as early as a year and we make sure satisfaction is guaranteed. Getting valet for your parties is an easy process. All it takes is contacting us with the details of your event and we’ll call back with a reasonable quote in a flash!

A few of our clients that we have done event parking for are:

  • Young At Art Museum
  • Marriot
  • Art and Culture Center of Hollywood
  • PNC bank
  • Holocaust Museum