About Vizcaya Valet

Rob Snyder, President of Vizcaya Valet, is an entrepreneur who has engaged himself in a variety of business fields. When getting involved in the Valet business, he started off working as a valet runner at Vizcaya museum as a teenager in 1975. In 2001, he began to do the valet for Kindred Hospital located in Downtown Hollywood. Due to the quality service provided at Kindred, word spread like butter on top of hot pancakes. Next thing you know, restaurants in the Downtown Hollywood area wanted the same quality service at their own establishments. The one-man valet company then turned into a full-on corporation with a high-volume staff of some of the friendliest and dedicated employees in the city.

13 years later, Vizcaya Valet Services, Inc. is still operating successfully in the Downtown Hollywood Area. Not only do they provide excellent service to anyone that needs it, they also have various private parking lots in the Downtown Hollywood area where clients can purchase a monthly parking pass and park without the overwhelming thought of getting towed or receiving a ticket.

You can trust Vizcaya Valet Services, Inc. to ensure satisfaction for any of your parking needs!